ESP Basic

ESP Basic Training

With Entelligence’s ESP system, the Enterprise Services Protocol, all Entelligence Consultants and sub-contractors are hired, trained and managed with the same rigorous standards. We Topgrade to assure that we only hire A players. And then we train them to deliver the world’s best customer service.

Much of the training focuses on improving consulting and customer service skills, including:

The Entelligence Experience Module – In this training module, we discuss the importance of having a positive attitude; and we discuss the economic impact of delivering a Very Satisfied Customer service experience (VSAT) every time; we also teach the keys to delivering an extraordinary customer service experience. In other words we make sure that our Consultants understand how to be exceptional at every step the process.

The Entelligence C E (Customer Experience) Overlay Process Module – This module teaches our consultants how to prepare for success, how to conduct an internal sales call, how to conduct a site readiness call, and how to conduct the kick-off call. We cover how to properly fill out the status reports we provide for each Consultant on each project. We talk extensively about and stress the importance of checking in with the customer on a daily basis to be sure they’re delighted with the process and to ask how things are proceeding. We talk about the importance of time sheet and expenses. Then, we close this module with the Ten Commandment of Flawless Consulting.

Customer Care – This module teaches our people how to act in front of the customer. We teach our Consultant how to interact with the customer (cues and clues) and how to engage with them.

Meeting Etiquette – How do you plan and lead a successful meeting? How do you make sure it’s crisp and that people get out of it what they need? And, if you’re a participant, how do you make sure you get what you need out of the meeting? We also talk about what not to do.

A Team Behind Every Tech. Our consultants are never alone on the job—they’re monitored and managed by a home team working in our industry-leading EntelliCenter. Like mission control for enterprise IT deployments, the EntelliCenter supports and advises consultants in any situation. It handles site readiness calls, project scheduling and monitoring and tracks daily and weekly status reporting and end of engagement closeout.

The EntelliCenter adds an extra layer of technical and operational support whenever our consultants are on site and the backbone behind our legendary Entelligence customer service. They are a bridge between our consultants, our customers and the project itself to manage expectations and eliminate unwelcome surprises before they happen.

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