#1 in Customer SatisfactionFor OEMs, VARs, and Enterprise IT Organizations


Entelligence IT – The Smartest System in Enterprise Services

We provide the world’s leading OEMs, VARs and Enterprise IT users with the world’s top professionals to design, deploy and manage enterprise hardware and software. Our industry-best system for hiring, training and support guarantees you get the most talented consultants – on time, on budget and on top of their game.

Here’s how we help:

Hardware & Software Vendors
We know that service leaders face pressure from all sides to deliver more and better services to your customers. For the past 15 years, Entelligence has provided private label services for enterprise hardware and software makers. From turnkey Managed Deployment Services to Dedicated IT Consultants to Residency Services, our mission is to deliver an extraordinary customer service every customer, every engagement, every day – no exceptions.

Resellers & Systems Integrators
We understand that resellers and system integrators are under the same pressure as our OEM clients to deliver outstanding services, improve utilization while still providing excellent customer service. Tap into the same legendary Entelligence ESP system for the brands you and your customers know and trust. Now your customers will buy from you again and again.

Enterprise IT Organizations
Working side by side with your existing enterprise IT staff, Entelligence provides a full range of onsite and remote Deployment and Residency Services as well as Dedicated IT Consultants to supplement your existing team – all backed by our legendary customer service. Learn more…