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How to Buy

How to Buy – Enterprise IT Solutions

At Entelligence, we understand that every IT project is different, every client different, and every solution unique to each client’s requirements. Instead of cookie cutter plans for every IT project, we offer clients a variety of cost-effective, measurable solutions for whatever IT implementation project or ongoing management help they need.

Managed Deployment Service
Our premier service for clients looking to outsource or supplement the deployment of their products and services, freeing up their most valuable resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Dedicated IT Consultants
Save up to 30% off our standard Project Deployment Services with dedicated, full-time consultants. These are our full-time employees dedicated to you to help with whatever projects may arise.

Residency Services
Our talented and forward-thinking consultants are onsite to provide to provide an extra lifeline and to make sure things run smoothly after implementation

Unsure what solution will work best for you? Contact us for a free consultation, and let us help you identify the most effective solution for your organization.