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Dedicated IT

Dedicated IT Consultants You Know and Trust – And You Save up to 30%!

The enterprise data world is doubling every two years and growing by a factor of 50 over the coming years. Yet, the number of IT professionals trained to design, deploy and manage these systems is not keeping pace.

IT organizations must find, hire and train more professionals than ever—a need internal departments alone cannot fill. Yet, all too often, IT managers get burned hiring consultants, essentially rolling the dice with unknown and unproven resources.

And this leads to costly “Be-Backs” – that is, false starts, failures, escalations and revisits that consume time and resources.

The reason is simple: the industry does not provide a systematic way to hire and train IT consultants with the right technical skills and right customer service skills—nor an effective system to monitor and manage them once onsite and on the job.

This is the problem Entelligence IT was built to solve.

As our premier private label service for our OEM and VAR clients, you keep our Dedicated IT Consultants on retainer to handle a large pipeline of services over an extended period – usually 3-12 months.

You may not know exactly when a specific project will begin, but you know you’ll have plenty of work for the consultant to handle regardless. This saves you time and energy without having to create and recreate multiple statements of work (SOW) every time a new project begins.

Plus, you get proven, trained and ready-to-go consultants you know and trust. Dedicated IT Consultants receive advanced training in your business model, engagement methodology and time & expense reporting in addition to our legendary customer service training.

And, as always, our consultants are backed by our EntelliCenter – The Team Behind Every Tech – who provides ongoing reporting and monitoring to ensure every project’s success.

Best of all, you’ll save up to 30% off our regularly published project rates. It’s a true win-win.

Think a dedicated IT professional for long-term outsourcing might be what you need? Give us a call to speak to an Entelligence representative today to learn more.