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ESP System

Entelligence ESP™ – The Enterprise Services Protocol

Customers rate us #1 in satisfaction year after year because we deliver the most predictable, efficient and best-supported service in the industry. They know they will get the right consultants right out of the box—guaranteed with no “be-backs,” so they can relax and focus on more critical or strategic tasks.

The secret is our Entelligence ESP system, pure and simple. Most shops provide a “body” or a stack of resumes of unproven resources from which a consultant can be chosen. Our system is fundamentally different. We deploy a proven three phase process of hiring and deploying only “A Players”, the most talented and forward-thinking workforce in enterprise data storage—an entire team behind every tech. It’s proven not to be just the smartest way; it’s the only way to ensure fail-safe service every time.

How It Works

The award-winning Entelligence ESP™ system is a continual vetting, training and quality-control process for every member of our team. It systematically matches consultants to projects, anticipates potential bottlenecks and issues, and then resolves them before they happen. Entelligence consultants are twice as productive as average performers, most of who are typically selected by chance. The results: our projects are on time, on budget, and guaranteed to have “no Be-Backs”.

Here’s how the Entelligence ESP System works:

1) Topgrading®
The Top 10% of Enterprise Consultants

Instead of rolling the dice and gambling on your project’s future, Entelligence only hires people with proven technical skills and the highest customer service aptitude in their DNA. Based on the Topgrading system for building high performance teams, 90% of our applicants don’t make the grade. But those we do hire measure in the top 10% of technical talent and customer service in the industry – a systematic way to make sure that consultants are twice as productive as the average consultant hired by chance.

2) On-Boarding
No “Be-Backs”

Once hired, Entelligence consultants go through our intensive readiness and customer service training. It prepares our consultants to be ready and productive on day one, by ensuring our people manage the project and the customer experience the Entelligence way. Consultants are trained to conduct the key meetings and conversations that make projects successful, to create daily or weekly status reports, generate effective project plans, get time and expenses closed-out quickly, and even to identify new sales opportunities for our OEM and VAR partners.

3) EntelliCenter
The Team Behind Every Tech

Our consultants are never alone on the job—they’re monitored and managed by a home team working in our industry-leading EntelliCenter. Like mission control for enterprise IT deployments, the EntelliCenter supports and advises consultants in any situation. It handles site readiness calls, project scheduling and monitoring and tracks daily and weekly status reporting and end of engagement closeout. The EntelliCenter adds an extra layer of technical and operational support whenever our consultants are on site and are the backbone behind our legendary Entelligence customer service. They are a bridge between our consultants, our customers and the project itself to manage expectations and eliminate unwelcome surprises before they happen.

Worry-Free IT Delivery

Over the last 15 years, and after performing thousands of enterprise IT engagements, our clients tell us time and again that they sleep better at night knowing they’ve got the most talented and forward-thinking team — the best combination of intelligence, attitude, experience and customer savvy in the industry. Today, the world’s leading OEMs, VARs and Enterprise IT organizations trust us to deliver the world’s best enterprise IT services. Our proven track record tells the story.

  • No Be-Backs! The Entelligence ESP System monitors, manages and improves the performance of every consultant on every project effectively eliminating false starts, failures, escalations and revisits – guaranteed.
  • V-SAT. Our V-SAT Score (A Very Satisfied Customer Experience) consistently ranks over 90%, year after year. It means both our clients and the end-user give us 9 to 10 on the 10-point satisfaction scale 90% of the time–the ultimate predictor for return assignments and repeat sales for our OEM and VAR partners.
  • Save Money. Not only do we save our clients time and money by eliminating Be-Backs, but we typically can save clients 10-30% off the direct rates when they sign up for our Managed Deployment or Dedicated Deployment Team services.

It’s no wonder we’re #1 year after year. And for our growing family of employees and customers, the way to succeed is to work with Entelligence.

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